SeaZip Offshore Service has swift, manoeuvrable offshore service vessels at its disposal which are consistent with the highest quality and safety requirements in the offshore energy industry. They can be deployed for all kinds of services, including non-stop services, under both short-term and long-term all-in charter contracts. The notable level of achievement and equipment of the service vessels, the highly trained crew and the all-round ISPS- and ISM- certified management services guarantee outstanding and safe performances in even the most challenging of circumstances.

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Since it was founded in 2010, SeaZip Offshore Service has evolved rapidly by building and operating offshore service vessels for Operations & Maintenance of offshore oil and gas installations and wind turbine parks. SeaZip has a keen eye for specific market trends and customer requirements in developing and creating vessels, which is done in close cooperation with its business partner Damen Shipyards. The primary focus in this rapidly growing fleet is on service vessels of the Damen Fast Crew Supplier 2610 type; these are swift, manoeuvrable vessels modelled after the innovative and patented ‘Twin Axe’ principle for maximum stability in transferring passengers. For the benefit of oil and gas platforms and wind farms situated far from the coast, in particular, SeaZip Offshore Service vessels provide customised solutions.

In the winter break of 2022, SeaZip converted its crew transport vessels (CTV’s) from 12 PAX to 24 PAX. That is doubling the passenger capacity. The operation provides the offshore energy industry with more space and flexibility at considerably lower transport costs. Moreover, total carbon emissions decrease because more passengers can be transported on one vessel.

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Our fleet JR Shipping focuses on the operation and management of container feeder vessels, multipurpose vessels, offshore service vessels and Tall Ships.