Rhoon-based Confeeder Shipping & Chartering is the only Dutch broker whose focus is 100% on the container feeder market. This expert charterer has been active from 2001, has an excellent reputation in the market and access to an unparalleled international network. Confeeder Shipping & Chartering provides cost-efficient chartering of container feeder vessels to maritime business relations.

Competitive container feeder charter rates

The Confeeder Shipping & Chartering experts are your knowledge and negotiation partners in respect of the availability and employability of our container feeders and securing charter contracts which are customized to your needs and do justice to your criteria. The container feeders available through Confeeder vary in size from 750 to 1,440 TEU. They are state-of-the-art, properly maintained vessels with demonstrable competitive advantages. Confeeder Shipping & Chartering keeps up with market developments, is knowledgeable and flexible and applies keenly competitive charter rates, which allow charterers to secure profitable business operations in which continuity, safety, and sustainability are pivotal.

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Our fleet JR Shipping focuses on the operation and management of container feeder vessels, multipurpose vessels, offshore service vessels and Tall Ships.