The customers of JR Shipping and SeaZip Offshore Service count on them to perform to the highest standards. These standards can only be met when we have trained and motivated seamen aboard our vessels. Working for JR Shipping means working in an atmosphere of mutual respect, good fellowship and taking responsibility for each other’s safety. If you recognise yourself in these values, we’d like to get to know you better.

Working for JR Shipping is working together

Our vessels are crewed by both Dutch and non-Dutch seamen. At JR Shipping, we do not distinguish one group from the other. Everyone is equal; everyone makes a contribution. To quote one of our captains: ‘We at JR Shipping do not distinguish between nationalities. The only criteria for a good crew are commitment, motivation, maritime skills and having an open mind for other cultures and views. We listen to each other and learn from each other.’

Collaboration is vital in our shipping company. Not only among the crew members aboard our vessels, but also between our vessels on the one hand and the organisation ashore in Harlingen on the other. We are constantly connected with each other. Together, we work to secure safe and high-quality operational processes. Together, we see to it that the cargo which we transport across the sea reaches its destination – safely and on time. This means that our customers are permanently aware of our commitment: excellence in short sea shipping.

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