JR Ship Management is at the centre of our shipping company and the pillar supporting our shipping services. A compact, dedicated team of shipping and crewing professionals creates the best possible circumstances for both vessels and seamen. For the benefit of the JR Shipping fleet and for the benefit of vessels owned by third parties. Mission: high and safe performance at sea – in any circumstances. Motto: Excellence in Sustainable Ship Management.

Ship management services with added value

Critical conditions for the best performance are: the state of repair of our vessels, their level of equipment, the capabilities of our officers and crew, the operating conditions aboard our vessels and mutual communication. They are connected by our joint trust in ship management services with added value for our customer relations in the various shipping markets that we are operating in.

JR Ship Management is responsible for all-round operational management of our container feeder and multipurpose fleet, the SeaZip Offshore Service fleet as well as the vessels which we operate for third parties, including the historic Clipper Stad Amsterdam. The core tasks performed by JR Ship Management are:

  • commercial management
  • nautical and technical management
  • crew management
  • (technical) procurement
  • financial management and quality management

Safety-proof ship management

Robust protocols and procedures, applied both ashore and at sea, ensure environmentally safe and reliable business operations. Recurrent audits ensure compliance with these procedures and the quality of our business processes. A permanent exchange of information takes place between our professionals ashore and on board our vessels. Our seamen have been instructed and trained to the highest level and can always rely on our organisation ashore. Around the clock, trained safety officers in Harlingen are in contact with our fleet, which is fitted with state-of-the-art communication and monitoring facilities. JR Ship Management is fully certified in respect of:

  • International Ship & Port Facility Security (ISPS)
  • International Safety Management (ISM)

The capabilities of our seamen are vital to the quality of our shipping services. We fill in the details of staff appointments on board our vessels – captains and ship’s officers – ourselves and ensure the best possible balance between Dutch and non-Dutch maritime professionals. In recruitment and selection, we place extra emphasis on intrinsic motivation and communication skills. As far as non-Dutch officers and seamen are concerned, our shipping company has worked closely together with Marlow Navigation for years now and we have a specific JR Shipping pool at our disposal. Our shipping group guarantees responsible employment practices and safe operating conditions.

Our fleet JR Shipping focuses on the operation and management of container feeder vessels, multipurpose vessels, offshore service vessels and Tall Ships.