Based in Harlingen from 1993, JR Shipping Group operates its own fleet, comprising container feeder, multipurpose and offshore service vessels, and provides all-round ship management services to third parties. With its compact organisation ashore that is always on the ball, the short sea shipping company focusses on maximum safety, efficiency and sustainability. The Management Board of JR Shipping comprises Messrs. J.R. Arends and S.D. Schakelaar – both owners of the company.

A dedicated partner in sustainable short sea shipping

The JR Shipping Group provides transport capacity customized to the needs of container shipping lines and feeder operators, freighters and consortiums which apply themselves to the building and operation of oil and gas installations and wind turbine parks at sea. For that purpose, the shipping company deploys its own fleet of state-of-the-art vessels. Besides that, JR Shipping is responsible for vessels owned by third parties. All vessels are coordinated and managed by the organisation ashore in Harlingen.

The combination of properly maintained vessels that meet today’s efficiency, fuel and environmental safety requirements, the highly trained, international crew members, the strict quality procedures aboard the vessels, and the permanent interaction between our people at sea and ashore constitute the backbone of the shipping services on which our international partners depend.

Our know-how in all-round ship management is our competitive strength. Professionals who know all the tricks of commercial, financial, technical and crew management dedicate themselves to promoting our vessels’ ultimate performance.That is the main thrust of what our maritime relations expect from us: high performance in any circumstance in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards.

Short sea shipping company with unparalleled specialisms

Safe and efficient maritime transport is our key business – international shipment of containers, bulk cargoes, and crew and equipment for offshore energy facilities. Besides our shipping services, our shipping company provides a series of unique expertise services, which means that we keep key activities such as chartering, brokerage, supervision of new-build vessels and ship financing in our own hands. You too can benefit from these services – either from one of them or from a combination of them.

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