JR Shipping Today 2017 – marks new era in lasting market recovery

With this concise edition of our annual report, we offer insight into the developments within our shipping company and on the shipping markets that we serve. You can read JR Shipping Today online and/or download it at your convenience.

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Unique refinancing for JR Fleet Fund CV

In the report we reflect upon the unique refinancing of JR Fleet Fund. In this way, we achieved a promising starting position for eleven container feeders. The successful transaction, which involved a British Credit Investment Fund, offers a solid basis for the new era that our shipping company is entering in the jubilee year 2018.

Partly thanks to the broad expertise that we gained from previous restructuring projects, we were able to maintain control of the future of our ships. During this challenging period, we saw a structural improvement in the market for container feeders, which was an extra stimulus for a successful transaction.

Focus on excellent service provision

In 2017 too, our shipping company was able to consolidate its fleet and to guarantee the quality of its service provision towards market relations and investors. For 2018, the emphasis also lies on this. In addition, the shipping company is focusing on new business in the form of ship management services for third parties and controlled fleet expansion in the form of opportunity investments.

Background information and contact

You will find elaborate information about relevant developments with regard to the shipping company as well as market trends in JR Shipping Today 2017. If you have any questions after reading, please do not hesitate to call us on +31 (0)517 – 431555 or mail to info@jrshipping.com.

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