JR Shipping is sailing on, even under the challenging circumstances of the corona crisis. All procedures and measures have been carried out to assure the health and safety of our crew and the efficiency and quality of our operations. Together we focus on the continuity of international transport by sea which is vital for our societies – now and after the corona crisis. The long-term consequences of this crisis cannot be predicted yet, but you will find the earliest consequences highlighted in our JR Shipping 2019/2020 Annual Review.

Corona crisis impacts shipping industries – JR Shipping remains full operational

Because of the current corona crisis, which is keeping a tight grip on the world, the international shipping industry and our shipping company are once again facing tremendous challenges. We have highlighted the earliest consequences of the crisis in our 2019/2020 Annual Review. The long-term consequences cannot be predicted, though.

As is detailed in our Annual Review, we were moderately optimistic when we started 2019. Our responsibility for 20 container feeders, 6 offshore service vessels, 1 survey vessel and 1 Tall Ship provided a sound foundation for profitable business operations and new plans for the future. The container feeder market, in particular, developed in the right direction and our successful MV Energy investment project literally delivered positive energy. The prospects for 2020 seemed favourable.

Until the world was beset by the outbreak of coronavirus which, in a short space of time, spread throughout the world from China and is deeply pervading people’s lives. Although it is primarily a health crisis, it is clear that this virus is also affecting global trade and the economy, with all the consequences this can bring with it.

Our shipping company has taken all the measures required to safeguard the safety of the people on board our vessels. Together, we commit ourselves to the continuity of operations and performance of our service provision. We are doing this because we know that the shipping industry is of material significance when it comes to supplying the world population and reviving the economy. The work done by our seamen is vital and they are faced with extraordinary challenges. They deserve our respect.

We continue to believe in the opportunities offered by the shipping industry and in our collective resilience. This is reflected in our Annual Review. It provides an insight into the course we will steer.

Download Annual Review JR Shipping 2019/2020 (English)

Download JR Shipping jaarbericht 2019/2020 (Nederlands)

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