The shipping industry is now setting the course for future-proof operations in which profitable and sustainable shipping go hand in hand. As a specialist in short sea shipping, JR Shipping is investing in concrete measures to reduce the ecological footprint of its operations. In its just-released annual report, the shipping company explains its steps towards Excellence in Sustainable Short Sea Shipping

The annual report covers both the activities and results of 2022 and much of 2023 together. This format was chosen because 2023 was an important anniversary year for the shipping company. JR Shipping was founded in 1993 by Jan Reier Arends. As captain/owner, he focused on multipurpose shipping.

With the arrival of marine engineer Sander Schakelaar, in 2000, the company successfully shifted to container feeder shipping. Together, Arends and Schakelaar gided the shipping company to its current position. With a substantial container feeder fleet and offshore service fleet, the shipping company plays a significant role in both short sea shipping segments.

Towards sustainable shipping

So much – brief and to the point – for the history which, on account of the 30th anniversary, is presented point by point in the group report. Otherwise, the report focuses on the future of both shipping and the shipping company. That future is dominated by measures resulting in sustainable shipping.

High ambitions, clear goals

The JR Shipping Group has unambiguously set out its ambitions and goals in this regard. In 2022, the first JR Shipping Sustainability Report was published. With this, the shipping group undertakes to account annually for the impact of its business operations on the environment, climate and society.

The group report explains measures already taken and new initiatives. For example, in 2022 and 2023, all JR Shipping’s container feeder vessels were equipped with advanced filtration systems and prepared for the application of an innovative carbon capture system. The shipping group also brought together various parties for the new construction of a series of energy-efficient dry cargo vessels that will emit 50-90% less CO2. More collaborative projects are expected to accelerate the industry’s sustainability ambitions in the coming years.

JR Shipping’s container feeder vessels have been extra well regarded by container liner operators since the sustainability measures taken. Performance was above average in 2022 and 2023. SeaZip Offshore Service’s vessels also performed at an excellent level in 2022 and 2023. Demand for SeaZip’s 24 PAX vessels continues to grow as European ambitions to make the North Sea the world’s largest green power plant take shape.

Confidence in green course

For four of the SeaZip service vessels, the shipping company managed to pave the way for future-proof refinancing with the successful issue of SeaZip Bonds. The issue began in November 2023. In less than two months, all SeaZip Bonds with a total value of €6 million were placed. This success shows that investors have confidence in the green course being taken by JR Shipping and SeaZip Offshore Service.

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