By successfully issuing JR Shipping Opportunity Bonds, JR Shipping Group has paved the way for buying an existing container feeder or multipurpose vessel. A number of vessels are currently eligible for this purpose.

Proud of confidence given

The bond subscription period closed on Friday, 14th July. The shipping company was pleased to identify an amount of € 2.475.000 raised by investors through this issue. JR Shipping is proud of this token of confidence. All JR Shipping Opportunity Bonds are placed.

The goal is to finance the vessel to be purchased for 50% by means of the debt capital thus raised. This means that the bondholders take the place of the bank, as it were. They will enjoy a 5% fixed interest on their investment as well as the unique security of right of first mortgage. JR Shipping itself will contribute the remaining 50% using equity financing. At some later date, investors will also be able to participate in this equity capital.

Larger part of bonds placed in a short space of time

To facilitate making an opportunity investment, the shipping group offered 99 €25,000 bonds to the existing circle of more than 3,500 investors with whom the shipping company has managed to create a long-term commitment. The issuance started in late May 2017.

JR Shipping chose the time of issuance carefully. The climate for an opportunity investment in the market for container feeder and multipurpose vessels is currently as good as it can be. The shipping markets are setting course for a lasting recovery and all indications are that the prices of second-hand vessels which are being submitted in the wake of the crisis have hit rock-bottom. The shipping company sets high criteria for purchasing a vessel, however, it expects to be able to submit an option to the holders of JR Shipping Bonds later this year.

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