Dutch companies  Boomsma Shipping, JR Shipping, Van Wijngaarden Marine Services and 1 OCEAN invest in the first global Learning & Intelligence Support App for the maritime industry. State Secretary for Economic Affairs Mona Keizer awarded the consortium € 200.000,- to support the initiative.


Jan Willem Janné | Van Wijngaarden Marine Services explains: “We develop a hybrid learning system called LISA: a Learning and Intelligence Support App. It’s based on scientific principles of intrapreneurship, game based learning and peer‐to‐peer coaching”.

Ton Boomsma | Boomsma Shipping adds: “We are extremely happy with the support from the ministry of Economic Affairs. This allows us to further develop the application and build a community for our maritime colleagues, enabling them to increase their knowledge in a fun and smart way.”

Harm Mulder | JR Shipping hails the excellent cooperation within the consortium: “LISA stems from 1 OCEAN’s Maritime24 events. The willingness to support each-other to overcome technical and operational challenges in managing ships is unique. LISA enables us to expand this experience to other maritime professionals as well.”

Gert Jan Huisink | 1 OCEAN can’t wait for LISA to go live: “At this stage, we use our online community to test the basics. During the coming months, we will transform the community into LISA. Interested parties can already join at www.1ocean.nl. This project is a combined effort, everyone is welcome to participate.”

Maritime Industry

The Netherlands is an important maritime nation. Around 276.000 people are employed in the industry, which generates a production value of nearly € 50 billion. The 800 Dutch shipowners form a central role in the industry, managing and operating more then 2.000 ships.

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